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The Southwestern Ohio Rare Bird Alert for June 9, 2014 compiled by the Dayton Audubon Society.

The highlights of this report are a first of the season Lark Sparrow and a rarely seen Bell's Vireo.

Seen on June 6th along the bike path at South Charleston about a mile from Route 41 was a Bell's Vireo as well as Red-headed Woodpecker, Chipping, Song, Field, Savannah and Vesper Sparrow.

On June 5th Lark Sparrow, Blue Grosbeak and Prairie Warbler were seen at Oakes Quarry Park. This park is on Route SR 235 just east of the intersection of I-675 and SR 235.

To report rare, unusual, or first-of-the-season sightings in the Dayton area, call Ralph Dennler at 937-294-5086.

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This Dayton Audubon Rare Bird Alert is updated periodically as warranted. For last minute updates, call the Dayton Audubon Hotline at 937-640-BIRD(2473). Good birding to all!