Help wanted – Environmental organization with a 90-year history in the Dayton area seeks individuals with an interest in nature, conservation, and outdoor education.  No minimum qualifications, but optimism, creativity, energy, and patience would all be assets.  Apply Dayton Audubon Society. 

The Dayton Audubon Society – your Audubon Society – is in transition and could use your assistance.  As noted above, DAS has been active in the Dayton area for almost a century.  Over 1300 families cross the metro area are members.  It is known for organizing field trips and educational programs, providing support to local institutions such as the Aullwood Audubon Center and Brukner Nature Center, authoring guides and checklists for local birds.  Dayton Audubon was a key player in the establishment of the Stillwater as a State Scenic River and supported the genesis of the Beavercreek Wetlands Association. 

As most of us know, any such organization goes through cycles and Dayton Audubon is confronted with such a transition.  The officers and Board of Directors have been in their position for many years, in some cases for decades.  Several have stepped down for a variety of reasons and others are planning to do so in the near future.  We are looking for people who could help to reinvigorate and redirect Dayton Audubon.  Perhaps you are such a person. 

Do you:

If this description fits you – in whole or in part – Dayton Audubon may be a way to give voice to such interests.  If  you’re interested  - or just curious – feel free to call me at 433-3649. 

Jim Simpson
President, Dayton Audubon Society


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